Rabu, 23 Maret 2016

Finding Peace in Holy Cities

What a precious moment when most people in a city spend all day long just to do praying in mosque everyday. That's what happen when visiting Mecca and Medina. All shops are closed every prayer time. All activity stop and People go to the mosque immediately. Those two cities are commonly known as the center of all muslim in the world to do the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj and Umrah.

Holly cities for the prayer
Medina is the town of Prophet Muhammad SAW did hijrah to spread islam. He also died there. There is Nabawi mosque located in the middle of Medina where muslims from around the world come to do praying. This Mosque is the place where the grave of Prophet Muhammad SAW placed that called Raudhah. This mosque surrounded by many hotels to acommodate pilgrims spend their night. There are also many shops selling dates and souvenir. This mosque never sleep. It's crowded everytime.

454 kilometers in south Medina, there is Mecca, the city where pilgrims from all around the world do their main prayer in Masjid Al-Haram. It's also the place where Prophet Muhammad SAW was born. If people come to Mecca from Medina, they usually stop in Bir Ali to hava Miqat, one of the must-do prayer before arriving Masjid Al-Haram. In Masjid Al-Haram, people do their prayer for Hajj or Umrah like doing Tawaf and Sa'i.

Just like Nabawi, Masjid Al-Haram also surrounded by many Hotels. Even there are also some mall just in front of the mosque. The big number of pilgrims that spend their days in this city obviously create a great market for the country. Therefore, shopping might be the second things people can do after praying.

Muslim society
As the world's biggest moslem population, Indonesia contributes a big numbers of pilgrims to Saudi. Not only those who want to do Hajj or Umrah, but also who work as a labor. Therefore, Saudian warmly welcome to Indonesian. They understand Bahasa, especially who do trading around the mosque. Even they warmly accept Rupiah for the transaction.

Beside Indonesia and South East Asia, there are also many pilgrim from Egypt, Pakistan and other middle east country. Every country have their own style in using dress. People from Indonesia usually use a long white dress which separated into two peaces. While Saudian and other middle east country mostly use a long black dress. India have another different wear. They use a specific fabric just like their clothes. However, everyone do the same motion for praying.

Doing Hajj or Umroh is not just about doing prayer. Be in the middle of big number of the pilgrims and the various kind of culture that do praying together, it's also the moment to learn respect and practice the value of islam that people get from Quran. 


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