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Bartering a Little Wishes

Sunday morning (30/10) at a dorm of orphans

As i guessed, the girls had a free time to do anything for themselves like washing clothes, ironing, or even take a nap. As I entered the girl's rooms and sat in some space in the corner, the girls greeted me then moved and sat around me immediately.

We discussed their homework for appetizer, then had a fun long chat. They loved to share me anythings about their dorm, school, teacher, and their hobbies. 

"Do you like novel?" Icha asked me then told me how they love to read novel but only have few of it given from visitors. They often borrow novel from their schoolmate or school library.

I said I read some, but i don't have much. "I have a novel in my room if you want to read, but written in English," I offered.

Yahh.. I heard girls muttered. "Don't you have the common novel in bahasa?" Linda wished. She told me they rarely get books that meets their desire. "Look, we actually have a few books but no one read them," Linda said while pointed to a desk. She took one of the book and showed it to me. She showed me a novel written in English by Michael Scott, The Magician. "We also have a novel written in English, but we don't read it because we don't understand. We even don't know what this novel about." Linda explained the book she brought.

"Hmm, it seems a great fantasy novel," i said while taking the book. I actually don't really know about that novel. But read it in glance i got what this book probably about. "This book is really good for learning English." Still hold and open some pages, i said that this book must have a great story just like another Harry Potter, my favorite novel.

"Ya, but we don't understand," Icha said. "You can have it if you like," she then offered me. 

"Yaa, it would be more useful if you read it than just stay on our desk," Linda added. Then others girls followed saying yaa indicated there's no objection at all. 

I gave a little smile, but actually I felt so pleased. This kind of novel was just my cup of tea. I ever though what else i can read after finished the latest novel of Harry Potter. I need another fantasy literature, but have no idea.

"Well, so what novel you love to read actually?" I asked them switching the topic.

"I love Tere Liye's," Icha mumbled with a dreaming expression while clapped her hand in front her chest. And her sound followed by other girls that in line with her.

"Tere Liye? You love his books?" 

"Yaa! I'd read some and i love it," Icha answered enthusiastically. "Tentang Kamu is the latest novel. But I still wait the school to have it so I can borrow."

Surprisingly, the other girl love that novel too, and they shared me the story about Tere Liye's novel they already read. Thought it would be good if they completed their desk with a novel the love.


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